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Andy Santiago Lee&Kat

Click the pictures and faces! Hotel Don Juan Beach Resort in Boca Chica: Photos
SANTO DOMINGO: Workshop place is Museum Trampolin | New accommodation option Hotel Saint Nicolas
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HOT HOT LIVE BAND NEWS: Teodoro Reyes and Bolivar Peralta @ Guerra, Marino Castellano and Felix Cumbe @ Home Run, José Manuel Calderón @ Noche de Bolero, Fanny Hidalgo y Grupo Diferente @ BonfireBachata
Grupo Bonyé @ Ruins, Ramon Torres @ La Romana, Kiko Rodriguez and Eudis @ Paraiso Musical
HOT HOT EXCURSION NEWS: BachataTour Haina, Catamaran Excursion, Rio Fula Excursion
CONCEPTS: Authentic Bachata defined, Bolero, Extended Bachata Roots
AUTHENTIC BACHATA WORLD TOUR: Weekend in Stockholm Aug 22-23 and Tampere Aug 27-30

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