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Hot hot - bang bang news - DR11 has Frank Reyes

Frank Reyes concert

Look at the fancy concert and excursion flyers of the DR1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 Bachata Festivals in Dominican Republic. It's an amazing collection, isn't it? Bachata Ambassador® Vesa has done miracles - stunning heroism - showing the real Dominican bachata life to the whole world. That's the reason why the attendees keep returning. Vesa has organized more than 85 parties and live concerts in the best bachata clubs of Dominican Republic.

Previous festival bands

The previous DR festivals have had Anthony Santos, Raulin Rodriguez, Luis Vargas, Joe Veras, Kiko Rodriguez, Joan Soriano, El Chaval, Luis Miguel del Amargue, Yoskar Sarante, Teodoro Reyes, El Pequeno de la Bachata, Coronel, Ramon Torres, Marino Castellano, Bolivar Peralta, Andy Santiago, Atabales San Miguel, Zorro Negro, Felix Cumbe, Los Ciudadenos, Eudis, Jose Manuel Calderon, Esteban Mariano, Los Hermanos Paula, Edilio Paredes, Kelvin, Adolfo Guerrero, Fenix, Celito, Fanny Hidalgo, Bachata Academy Kids and a long list more.

Anthony Santos and Raulin Rodriguez
DR9 had both of them. DR11 will have one of the TOP 5 bachata artists.

DR11 confirmed live bands

DR11 Santo Domingo Wednesday night we have both Zorro Negro and Jose Miguel.

Colmadon & Car Wash

Jose Miguel

DR11 Santo Domingo Friday night we have Grupo Dinastia.


Ruta Bachatera has the most wanted Diamon level artist Frank Reyes.

Frank Reyes concert

Ruta Bachatera last band Tony Berroa.

Tony Berroa @ Puente Bar, Santiago