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Bachata Survival Kit
How to learn the Dominican way of dancing bachata?

Now it's easier than ever. Participate the Dominican Republic 1st Bachata Festival in Santo Domingo February 24-27, 2011 and you'll certainly learn. If you miss it, come to 2nd festival. You can actually come to DR whenever you want and to take workshops from the Bachata Ambassador certified Dominican bachata instructors/schools. The instructors participating the festival will have the leading edge knowledge of the Dominican way.


It will help you to understand the Dominican way. Analyzing carefully the attached videos will guide you into the world of Dominican way of dancing bachata, but the deep learning will happen only with the Dominicans.

Certified schoolsBachata Survival Kit

Bachata Ambassador has developed a revolutionary method to teach and learn the Dominican way or actually to transform the foreign way of dancing bachata to Dominican way. Four carefully selected workshop hours + party guide to an autentic bachata club will do the trick to help you to SURVIVE. Seriously speaking you can't learn a new dance genre in 4 hours, but you can get close enough to look like as if you would already know a lot of it :-)

Product of an extensive research

Bachata Ambassador did a 5 year research to find out the principles of the Dominican way of dancing bachata. The research included 5 Dominican cities, tens of Bachata clubs, numerous Dominican dancers, dance freaks and dance professionals. It looks like all the Dominicans dance differently and some people even clain that they don't even have common rules to dance bachata. All the couple dances have rules and ofcourse Dominican way is heavily based on the rules. Bachata Ambassador was able to open the puzzle of the rules and he noticed that there is actually (very strict rules), because their dancing is based on very limited set of dance elements. Roughly speaking there is only about 20 elements in the Dominican basic level (most of the Dominicans can do) and some 10 elements more in the advanced level (the good dominican dancers). While non-dominicans try to learn too many dance element (complicated dancing) the Dominicans invest in styling, decorations and feeling the music.

Bachata Survival Kit - how to order?

Bachata Survival Kit is currently available in the Bachata Ambassador sertified dance schools in Dominican Republic. After the Sto Domingo festival many instructors will be able to teach the workshops of the Survival Kit, but the autentic bachata clubs exist only in DR. Fill the form to receive the Bachata Survival Kit description, workshop minute outline, night guide service description, pricelist, the agreement and the contact information of the three certified Dominican dance schools. Thereafter you'll contact the Dominican dance school directly. Bachata Ambassador offers this service free of charge. You'll contact directly the Dominican schools. However you have to confirm both Bachata Ambassador and the school of your coming trip.

Security and responsibility issues

Buying the Bachata Survival Kit services is on your own risk. The business is done between the customer and the Dominican school. Dominican Republic and the Bachata Clubs are pretty demanding places, which means adventurous and hard core dancers will find themselves like in a paradise. Please, avoid risks by staying at home if you horrify the danger stories and the lack of guarantees and responsibilities.

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