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DR11 Bachata Festival in DomRep

DR12 is truly the most
Authentic, Exotic and Fun

DR12 (Dominican Republic 12th Bachata Festival and Dance Adventure) is truly the most authentic, exotic and fun festival in the tropical bachata island DR (Dominican Republic). We have excellent records from the last eleven DR1-DR11 festivals. Participants repeatedly evaluate our festival to offer the best in the world bachata experience. The strongest proof of the quality is that most of the attendees have returned, some up to eight times.

DR9 Quality Guarantee

DR12 is a compact 9 Days: Catamaran + Santo Domingo + Ruta Bachatera

DR12 Catamaran 1 day is the most beautiful and the desirable dance experience in the whole world. DR12 Santo Domingo 4 days has 20 workshop hours, 10 Dominican instructors and the barrio parties and concerts. DR14 Ruta Bachata 4 days is a private bus to tour around the island to show the best bachata party places and to see the most famous bachata artists, like Frank Reyes last time.

We possess more than enough workshops, party places and experience to organize 16-24 days events ;-) However, we ended up in 9 days compact package, a collection of the best of the proven to be the best elements.

What to Expect?

DR12 first day Catamaran is a full day relax. Drink and dance! Enjoy the tropical sun with a nice ocean breeze with the most beautiful paradise view. The beach in the flyer is where we go :-) The following 4 days we spend in the World Heritage old town Zona Colonial of Santo Domingo. We will have 20 workshop hours and a barrio party/concerts every night in a different location. The last 4 days we will go by Ruta Bachatera private bus around the island to see the most famous bachata artists and the rural bachata clubs.

DR12 is focused on Authentic Bachata®

DR12 is focused on the way Dominicans dance bachata (=Authentic Bachata®). In addition we teach the other Dominican genres (Merengue, Tipico, Son, Bolero, etc.) to survive the parties with locals. We won't teach International Bachata, Kizomba or any other international dances, because they are not danced in the Dominican local clubs. The goal is to learn to dance like a Dominican and to dance with Dominicans in their clubs around the island.

Instructors, workshops and knowledge

The instructor team includes Bachata Ambassador® and about 12 Dominican instructors to teach you how to dance like a Dominican (=Authentic Bachata®). Obviously the Dominican professional instructors know the best how Dominicans dance. You will certainly learn to dance like a Dominican. We are the founders of Authentic Bachata® professional teaching and our instructors have in total over 300 years experience in dancing bachata like a Dominican.

DR12 festival outline in brief

DR11 Santo Domingo part of the festival
Monday Dec 10 Catamaran Excursion to Saona Island, Animations
Santo Domingo -> Bayahibe -> Catamaran -> Saona Island -> Catamaran -> Bayahibe -> Sto.Dom.
Tuesday Dec 11 Workshops @ Sto Domingo
Santo Domingo -> Bayahibe -> Catamaran -> Saona Island -> Catamaran -> Bayahibe -> Sto.Dom.
Wednesday Dec 12 Workshops @ Sto Domingo
Dobletazo Bachatazo @ Dubai Disco with two bands Zorro Negro and Jose Miguel
Thursday Dec 13 Workshops @ Sto Domingo
First party in Zona Colmadon. Second party in Barrio Cabaret.
Friday Dec 14 Workshops @ Sto Domingo
Grupo Dinastia @ L'Hangar
Saturday Dec 16 Workshops @ Sto Domingo
DR11 Ruta Bachatera around the island
Saturday Dec 15 Ruta bus leaves after the workshops 2PM

Excursion to Los Tres Ojos @ Santo Domingo
Karaoko dine&dancem colmadon and the wildest disco @ La Vega

Sunday Dec16 River Fun @ Fula
Colmadons and Frank Reyes @ Rural Sport Bar
Monday Dec17 Moving to Santiago
Divas Shopping, Santiago Monument
Tony Berroa @ Puente Bar
Tuesday Dec18 Ruta bus to StoDomingo
DR12 ends in Zona Colonial, Santo Domingo 2-3PM


For beginners, adventurers and advanced

DR11 is meant for beginners, adventurers and advanced dancers. Statistically most of the attendees have been beginners and even being advanced dancer does not automatically mean being advanced in Authentic Bachata. Authentic as a new dance for everyone with totally different rules compared to the dance school dances. We will have time to teach excellent basics and at the same time quick learners will end up in an advanced level. DR11 suits well for adventurers who want to concentrate on the diverse party life with Dominicans.

Bachata Ambassador® Innovations

Bachata Ambassador® Vesa is the creator of Authentic Bachata® ( the professional way to teach how Dominicans dance Bachata). Vesa was the first one to introduce the philosophy, culture, structure, common practices, magical box and the other elements of Authentic Bachata. Later on he added the concepts of natural, route, adaptation, energy, dominican musicality and the studies of the relative importance of each element. Vesa has created also the concepts Ruta Bachatera, BachataTour, Fine Tuning, Extended Bachata Roots, Rewritten Bachata History, BonfireBachata and Learning to Play Bongo & Guira.


Fun Activities (=Animations)

DR11 is a PERFECT COMBINATION of the best WORKSHOPS counterbalanced by CRAZY BEACH, CATAMARAN AND CITY ANIMATIONS (=Fun Activities) finalized by the most wanted CONCERTS AND NIGHT PARTIES. We have the best ever animator Carlito and also Yocasti, Maquiol and Julio to make sure you'll have wonderful active time on the Catamaran, Saona Island, Zona Colonial and Ruta Bachatera.

DR10 Fun Activities

Alone, in pairs or in groups?

Statistically most of the attendees come alone. You don't need a dance partner, because we rotate the attendees in the workshops. The clubs we visit have thousands of Dominicans. Therefore you will have enough chances do dance with dominicans, instructors and with the other participants. DR11 is meant for everyone. We don't have age and skill limitations. DR11 is not a dance competition camp for divas. It's a dance adventure to learn Dominican dance culture and to live the Dominican party life.

DR11 is a must

Dominican Republic (DR) is the home of bachata where virtually everyone dances Bachata. The country is full of talented bachata singers and live bands. This is your opportunity to be inside bachata - to feel, smell and experience it - and to live the real bachata life. DR11 combines the best knowledge and the crazy Dominican dance culture. Welcome to have Dominican fun :-)

DR11 is exotic, fun and scientific

Dance Festivals and congresses tend to be one-dimensional copies of each others repeating the same (many times boring) patterns. DR11 is totally different and unique. It is the only festival that takes participants out of the resort to attend concerts and parties in the local venues to see thousands of Dominicans who have never taken any dance classes but still dance better than westerners. DR11 is tropical, exotic, fun and even crazy in the fun activities. However we take the workshops seriously and we maintain the highest professional knowledge of Authentic Bachata. Some of our instructors are scientist and some historians, engineers, film stars, TV stars, comedian or just crazy jungle dancers. DR11 HAS IT ALL ! You'll be astounished to see such a huge variety of different people, aspects and ambients.

DR11 has it all !!

DR11 has a full spectrum of Dominican dances and more importantly the real party life all over the tropical island. DR11 is unrivaled trip to bachata paradise. No other promoter or organizer will offer you 4-6 parties/concerts with thousands of Dominicans all around DR in the local clubs and the best knowledge on how to teach you to dance like a Dominican and give profound lessons of Dominican dance history and culture. You'll see colmadon, car-wash, cabaret, river madness, rural places and of course also the best bachata clubs. DR11 is a must to see, best in the world bachata congress as the previous festival attendees say.

DR11 means the most advanced workshops, huge concerts, famous artists, special ambient, dine&dance, gourmet, colonial beauty, colonial history, redifining bachata history, bachata barrios, car-wash, sport bar, cabaret, street bachata, colmadon, river madness and beach fun. DR11 brings you the cross-section of Dominican dance culture in the axis regular/ advanced dancers, poor/rich, picapollo/gourmet, colonial beauty/ barrial and a lot of things you don't even know to exist.

Bachata Business Rules in DR

DR3, DR4, DR5, DR7, DR8 and DR9 went smoothly. We didn't have any problem of whatsoever. Maybe we were just lucky or maybe the festivals were perfectly planned. However, we have to take into consideration that Dominican Republic does not follow all the international rules of business. Some of the Dominican bachata artists, party places and instructors have been known to break signed and paid legal agreements. Due to these problems DR11 clearly states that nothing can be guaranteed and changes from the published schedule will occur. The changes and cancellations do not entitle ticket holders to any discounts or refunds.  In the past when cancellations occurred we have always found excellent replacements.