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DR9 diamond level instructor
Rodolfo Montaño Castro

Rodolfo from Santo Domingo Dominican Republic is the best Dominican bachata dancer and our diamond level award winning instructor.

Rodolfo Montaño Castro

Rodolfo presented many new topics like "Authentic Bachata Secrets Revealed" in DR9.


Rodolfo has been working for the DR2-3-4-5-6-7-8 and now for the DR9 festival. He has the longest experience in the authentic bachata.


Rodolfo biografia

Rodolfo is the best Dominican bachata dancer according to the fact that he has won 3 biggest dance competitions in Dominican Republic. They were organized by the TV channels Telemicro, 9x9 Roberto and La Maquinaria. In addition of being the winner of 800 competitors he has won numerous Salsa and other dance genre competitions.

The video document "Bailadores en Santo Domingo" and the book "Bachata Omplo" done by Javier Aiguabella call Rodolfo as "protagonista" (the hero). Bachata Ambassador qualifies Rodolfo as a dance hero, because he has been faithfull to the autentic Dominican style bachata refusing to use the international tricks to win the competitions. He deserves all my admiration.

The biggest Dominican concerts and events like Festival Presidente, Aventura, Joe Veras and Kiko Rodriguez call Rodolfo when they need the highest quality presentations.


Rodolfo has been dancing, presenting and teaching for 20 years. Rodolfo won the 3 competitions with his dance partner Yanerbis Rosario. In the DR2 festival we saw his dance partners Fanny, Helen and Elisabeth. In the DR3 he did the workshops with Fanny and Diana. In the DR4 he did the workshops with Yocasti and Fanny. In DR5 and DR6 with Yocasti and DR7 with Yocasti and Yeny. Rodolfo will teach in DR9 with Yocasti.


Rodolfo&Yocasti Bachata Evolotion DR7

Rodolfo&Yocasti show in DR6

Rodolfo&Yocasti Authentic Bachata

Rodolfo&Yanervis in Dominican TV

Pay attention to the year 2007 ! At that time there wasn't any big scale bachata in the world. Bachata Ambassador was the first ones to start the worldwide bachata explosion by his Finland 1st Bachata Festival 2008. Just Bachata Ambassador knew that Dominicans dance like this. No other instructor in the world danced the Dominican way (authentic Dominican style bachata). Rodolfo still has the same style, the winners style.

Merengue, Tipico, Mambo, Palo, Salsa

Rodolfo is not limited to authentic Dominican style bachata. He knows perfectly also all the other Dominican dances like Merengue, Tipico, Mambo and Palo. Rodolfo is also one of the most honoured Salsa dancers of Dominican Republic (On1, On2, Dominican Salsa). He has also extensive knowledge of Dominican Son.

Rodolfo&Yocasti Salsa con sabor

Rodolfo&Yocasti Salsa in Finland

Rodolfo&Helen Tipico

Rodolfo&Marcela Merengue-Tipico-Mambo

Rodolfo&Yocasti Dominican Son

Rodolfo&Yocasti Son in Finland

Rodolfo in a Salsa show.

Rodolfo in DR6 Saona animations

Rodolfo is also an excellent DeeJay

Dj Rodolfo

Rodolfo the dance hero

You should look at the whole 50 minutes document Bailarines de Santo Domingo done by Javier Aiguabella. It's the best way to understand Santo Domingo's dance scene. We will see same kind of places, but instead of seeing so much son, we will see bachata, salsa, tipico, mambo and bolero. In the video you'll see some examples of Rodolfo's excellent style - the style of the dance hero.

Bailadores en Santo Domingo from CCESD on Vimeo.