Julio & Perla Negra in a Bachata contest

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DR12 Dominican Instructor
Julio La Salsa

Julio la Salsa, as the name implies, is one of the best salseros of Dominican Republic. Julio is also a great Merengue instructor and famous comedian.

Julio la Salsa

Julio has been a long time our instructor, coreographer and comedian.

Julio La Salsa

Julio bottle dance has 35000 visitors.

Julio is actually one of the most rewarded dance artist in Dominican Republic and therefore a great addition to DR11.

Julio la Salsa

Julio will do a "Merengue Elegante" class with Pamela in DR7. This class goes quickly beyond the basics and introduces the merengue flow and the interaction between audience and dance partner. Pamela is genious in both of those aspects and Julio as a professional comedian knows haw to master the interaction. Julio's second workshop is acting but limited to the Seducing and Conquering part of the dancing. This is to make your dancing more lively, fun and dominican.

Julio will also do a great comedy presentation in DR7. It might be one of these or something else, but for sure life on the stage they look really dramatic and fun. Luis vargas vs. Anthony Santos comedy is always fun :-)

The western story

Contact Julio La Salsa to get some amazing private classes!