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DR12 proudly present
Dance Excursion
to Jungle River Fula

Bachata Ambassador proudly presents RIO FULA, the world's most peculiar entertainment center in Bonao, DomRep. No tourists, just hundreds of Dominicans having the river and dance fun. It's something you cannot even imagine to exist. This is the bachata paradise at its best. In the top of the page video you'll see how the Dominicans enjoy the river. They carry the tables and chairs into the river. It's dancing, relaxing and eating in/on/at the river... cooool... fun... exotic!! Amazing experience!!

Rio Fula

Rio Fula fills on Sundays. It's good because you'll see amazing ambient. The previous festival participants, especially DR5, DR6, DR8 and DR11 praised the experience. The excursion is not a touristic trip and you won't find any tourists in this area. You can regard river excursion as a full day exotic dance trip with Dominicans and crazy dancers all over the world. DR12 is the only festival offering fully authentic dance experiences that the other promoters don't even know to exist.

The jungle river excursion includes jungle walk (optional), lunch in the river, exploring the river by dancing and big dancy party in the Discoteca Manantial by the river. We will see Yeri's bachata and drag show, David's Dembow presentation and the animations of Maria and Fula ladies. We recommend rubber shoes because the river bottom has sharp rocks.


Fula River has several jungle discotecas. The discoteca called Manantial will be for us because it has the best lunch, ambient and bachata parties. We'll dance, eat, swim, dance, drink, swim, dance until we drop down to sleep in the return bus. Yeri's fun factory will do Bachata and Dembow animations and presentations.

Fun Group

Fula River Excursion is part of the DR9 Ruta Bachera and part of the DR10 Santo Domingo 4 days. It costs US$72 if bought separately. The price includes bus transport, parties, animations, shows and lunch, but not the jungle club drinks.


Dominican specialty

Dominicans love the river parties. DR is full of rivers and especially the rivers on the mountains are clean because of the strong current and scarce population. Some of the rivers are big enough for the Rafting and some of them can be floated by the truck inner tubes.


We might even go deep into the mountain jungle.


DR5 instructor Yocasti dancing with DR4 participant James in Rio Fula.

The great dance masters Yeri La Ley and Ambiori.

Salto Limon

DR4 participants dancing in the Fula River

Fula River Dancing

DR4 participants from Sweden and Bolivia enjoying the river


Dancing in the Fula River discoteca

Fula River Dancing