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Live Bands and Concerts

DR12 has confirmed the first 6 live bands: Felix Cumbe, Julio Reyes, El Chaval, El Mello De La Bachata, Raphy Mi Corillo and Tony Berroa. Closer to the festival we might announce 2-3 live bands more, including at least one of the TOP 5 dominican bachata artists. Notice! our initial promise was at least 5 live bands and now we might double the promise.

DR12 Santo Domingo part of the festival proudly presents the most authentic and exotic bachata concert DOBLETAZO BACHATAZO with Felix Cumbe & Julio Reyes @ Guerra, DomRep on Wednesday December 12, 2018.

Dobletazo Bachatazo

DR12 Ruta Bachatera part of the festival proudly presents the most authentic and exotic bachata concert TRIPLETAZO BACHATAZO with El Chaval, El Mello De La Bachata and Raphy Mi Corillo. The concert will be in a small countryside village.

Tripletazo Bachatazo

The DR12 Ruta Bachatera last night Monday Dec 17, 2018 star is Tony Berroa in Santiago de los Caballeros barrios, DomRep.

Tony Berroa

The previous festival DR11 promised 5 but had finally 8 live bachata bands including Anthony Santos, Joe Veras, Frank Reyes, Joan Soriano, Zorro Negro, Tony Berroa, Jose Miguel and a Tipico band. Impressive, wasn't it!

Frank Reyes concert

DR9 was crazy lucky to see both Raulin Rodriguez and Anthony Santos.

Anthony Santos and Raulin Rodriguez

Look at the fancy concert and excursion flyers of the DR1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11 Bachata Festivals in Dominican Republic. It's an amazing collection, isn't it? Bachata Ambassador® Vesa has done miracles - stunning heroism - showing the real Dominican bachata life to the whole world. That's the reason why the attendees keep returning. Vesa has organized nearly 100 concerts in the best bachata clubs of Dominican Republic.

Previous festival bands

We have had in our bachata festivals Anthony Santos, Raulin Rodriguez, Luis Vargas, Frank Santos, Joe Veras, Kiko Rodriguez, Joan Soriano, El Chaval, Luis Miguel del Amargue, Yoskar Sarante, Teodoro Reyes, Tony Berroa, El Pequeno de la Bachata, Coronel, Ramon Torres, Marino Castellano, Bolivar Peralta, Andy Santiago, Atabales San Miguel, Zorro Negro, Jose Miguel, Felix Cumbe, Los Ciudadenos, Eudis, Jose Manuel Calderon, Esteban Mariano, Los Hermanos Paula, Edilio Paredes, Kelvin, Adolfo Guerrero, Fenix, Celito, Fanny Hidalgo, Bachata Academy Kids and a long list more.

DR12 club and artist names

DR1-DR10 revealed all the club and artist names. Thereafter, we have changed our publishing policy and actually dominican and international authorities have forced us to abandon the open publishing policy. The reason is easy to understand. In case we announce "50-100 rich tourists" is coming to the certain barrio club, all the criminals of the area is alerted for rob&kill actions. It doesn't help to leave the word "rich" out, because "50-100 tourists" is the same thing for the barrio criminals.

We do not want any tourist (or an international dancer not belonging to our group) to follow us to the barrio clubs. It's too risky to visit the barrio clubs with unsecured transport, no club contact and returning with random rob&kill taxi. Our festival participants have newer had any problem in DR1-DR11 festivals during the last 7 years, because we are a group with secured transpor and because we are under the club management protection.

We do not want to share the same barrio club with other promorers, because too many tourists kill the ambient. The barrio clubs know us very well. We don't want to loose our reputation due to the arrogant other promotors.

We do not want the other international promoters to use the same clubs we use, because they don't have the same level of cultural respect. Too many tourists kill the ambient and might lead closing the bachata club. The barrio clubs know us and they respect us. We don't want to loose our reputation due to the arrogant other promotors.

How can anyone trust DR12 being able to bring 5 or more bachata concerts?

Bachata Ambassador has broaght nearly 100 bachata concerts to DR1-DR11 Festivals. It's 7-14 per festival during the last 7 years. We started and we created the Authentic Bachata Festivals. What else you need to trust us ?? Closer to the festival we will leak some extremely interesting artist information :-)

Funny stories #1
L'Hangar Dec 15, 2017

DR11 openly announced one year ago "Grupo Dinasti @ L'Hangar Friday Dec 15, 2017. Another promoter decided to copy and bring his people to the same place same night. The attendees of other promoter called us asking when we will arrive, but they didn't know that L'Hangar was just a placeholder in our marketing. DR11 participants knew very well that something big was going on and they knew that Bachata Ambassador always does a huge effort to bring the best parties and concerts. DR11 talented Dominican staff with 7 years experience were preparing diligently the Anthony Santos and Joe Veras concerts to that precious Friday Dec 15. Instead of going to the free of charge regular Friday party, DR11 participants went both to Anthony Santos and to Joe Veras concerts. Our festival has always had participants from Europe, Asia, Australia, South-America, Caribbean and North-America. As you can imagine, both Anthony Santos and Joe Veras concerts were diamond dream concerts forall of them. In addtion we got a really interesting Car-Wash with Tipico band. **Ya tu sabes** Bachata Ambassador created Authentic Bachata Festivals! He will be forever the best and invincible in it !!

Funny stories #2
Colmadon @ Zona Colonial Dec14,2017

DR11 announced to have a nice pre-party @ Zona Colonial Colmadon. Three dominican instructors of the other promoter came to spy and ask the address of the Bachata University, the DR11 party place for the same night. Naturally we didn't reveale it! Fortunately we didn't reveale it, because it could have been an extremely dangerous, even life threatening danger to the Bachata University staff, other promoter participants and even to our participants. The Dominican instructors knew that the Bachata University is just a nick-name to a certain Barrio Cabaret, a whore-house where more than 40 ladies work as prostitutes to sell their bodies. I know the tourism serving dominican instructors and the other promoters don't have cultural respect. They can and they certainly will take their cameras to film all the time. That would cause several life-threatening consequences. When the jealous husband. bf or father see in social media his wife/daughter working as a prostitute, you can be sure that she will be cruelly killed. Being aware of this, the staff of the Cabaret can throw the camera attendees out and ansk cucarachas to finalize them. Too many arrogant tourists kill the Cabaret and then we never ever will be able to see the culture of where bachata was born. DR1-DR11 participants always wish to return to Bachata University. Please, keep outsiders away to preserve the Dominican Bachata culture.