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DR12 Organizer
Bachata Ambassador® Vesa

Bachata Ambassador® Vesa is the owner of the trademark Authentic Bachata® and the creator of the methods to teach professionally "how Dominicans dance bachata". He is the organizer of the first ever DR1 Bachata Festival in Dominican Republic. He has done bachata festival already 11 times in DomRep. He is also the creator of the great concepts like BachataTour and Ruta Bachatera.

Bachata Ambassador Vesa

Bachata Ambassador Vesa understood already in the 90's the cultural meaning of bachata in Dominican Republic. Therefore he had a clear understanding of not just to show how Dominicans dance bachata but also to show how they consume and enjoy bachata. While the other instructors/promoters concentrate incorrectly just to 10 talented and 5 peculiar Dominican dancers, Vesa talks about millions of Dominicans, philosophy, goals, culture, habits, structure, natural, adaptation, energy and places like colmadon, car-wash, sport bar, clubs and rivers to dance bachata with Dominicans. Bachata Ambassador has done the biggest effort ever in developing and making Authentic Bachata worldwide famous.

Vesa Profile

Vesa does the strategic bachata and bolero workshops with Yocasti and bachata history with Melody.

Vesa and Yocasti

Bachata Merit List

Vesa has visited Dominican Republic since 1989 over 40 times, seen bachata of the 90's, been bachata Dj since 1997, organized parties with bachata since 1997, organized the first really big bachata only party 2003. Vesa is the organizer of the second bachata festival in the whole world (Finland 1st Bachata Festival) and the first ever in Dominican Republic (DR1). Vesa has organized 7 bachata festivals in Europe and now comes the 11th bachata festival in DR. Vesa is the founder of Authentic Bachata (the way Dominicans dance bachata) in a sense that he created the methods to teach "how Dominicans dance bachata" in a professional way. While the other promoters bring the copies of their international festivals to DR, Vesa does fully Dominican events. Vesa brings the international attendees to the local clubs to dance with Dominicans. Vesa understood right from the beginning that this is the only correct way - the authentic way. All his festival participants will also confirm this being the only right solution.

Understanding the tremendous effort

Organizing a Bachata weekend event with workshops and parties is a piece of cake job!! Having one live band multiplies the complexity, because the artists need accommodation, food and transport but more importantly you need to provide the concert place, sound system and a huge marketing to sell the event. Have you ever bought a sound system (mics, stands, mixer, amplifiers, PA's) to do a live band gig? I have boagh, a really good one.

How frequently you have participated the live bachata concerts in your city? Most probably never? Bachata promoters cannot afford bands, because it involves hundreds of attendees to pay it. There is only a handful of bachata festivals and congresses getting thousands of attendees to buy 2-3 live bands for one event.

Have you ever tried to organize a bachata event in a far away country? It complicates your life. Several bands project would most probably distroy your life. How about doing an event in DomRep which does not fully follow the western business making rules? Bachata Ambassador Vesa has done succesfully all of these. Vesa has organized nearly 100 live bands (Luis Vargas, Yoskar Sarante, Kiko Rodriguez, Joe Veras, Luis Miguel del Amargue, Marino Castellano, Ramon Torres, Teodoro Reyes, El Pequeno de la Bachata, Raulin Rodriguez, Anthony Santos, etc.. DR1, DR3, DR4, DR6 and DR8 each had about 14 live bands (some of them solo artists). All the DR festivals have had 7-14 live bands.

Vesa Cool Bachata

There are just a few dance schools in Dominican Republic and most of them are specialized just in Salsa. Before Vesa there weren't any professional bachata instructors. Vesa had to educate the first ones and now his DR festival is a factory with all the best Dominican bachata instructors. Teaching the authentic is difficult, because it's in the blood of dominicans and they haven't done extensive studies on the philosophy, structure, elements and common practices of authentic bachata. Vesa had to educate the talented Dominican dancers (and other genre instructors) to understand the philosophical part of bachata and helped them to get started with the authentic bachata workshops. Now all these instructors are flying around the world to teach it.

Authentic Bachata

You should read the Authentic Bachata Explained article written by Bachata Ambassador Vesa. It's interesting to see that Dominicans, the original creators of bachata, dance so differently compared to the rest of the world.


Vesa did heroic act by being the first one to organize 2006 huge bachata concerts in Northern Europe. Therefore Dominican press started to call him Bachata Ambassador. Later on Vesa trademarked the title Bachata Ambassador®. Vesa registered also Authentic Bachata® to prevent it to be spoiled by the misusage of the international instructors.

DR6 trademarks

Instructor of the Authentic Bachata

Vesa has the best methods to teach the Authentic Bachata Fundamentals, Structure, Essentials, Triple, Adapt, Energy, Dominican Musicality, Secrets and History. DR12 has many instructors more to do the style shining, but without the strong fundamentals and Vesa's structural knowledge it's hard to progress in Authentic Bachata.

Instructors Vesa&Yocasti

The reason why Vesa (non dominican instructor) is talented in teaching the fundamentals and essentials is because he has the longest scientific experience (many times longer than any Dominican has). Vesa knows the international bachata styles and can easily make a judgement of what belongs and doesn't belong to authentic bachata.

Vesa Instructor

There are unlimited ways to shine in authentic bachata. Therefore all our diamond level Dominican instructors can be regarded as the best authentic bachata dancers, because all of them have different styling. This is the great secret of authentic bachata.

Vesa Liccelot

Vesa@Yocasti Colmadon Bachata

Vesa@Yocasti @ Cabaret

This is why we go to DomRep, to dance Bachata with Dominicans.

Vesa Checking the skills of new talents

Vesa&Yocasti Authentic Bachata Video Series #3 is a production done by Bachata Ambassador Vesa.

Vesa&Yocasti Authentic Bachata Video Series #2

Vesa@Yocasti Bolero

Vesa&Liccelot Bolero

Vesa&Yocasti Merengue

Vesa&Liccelot Merengue

Bachata roots and history

Bachata Ambassador has been very active in studying the Bachata Pre-History and how it was born and evolutionized.

Extended Bachata Roots

The Extended Bachata Roots workshop will be an exciting journey to tainos, conquistadors, slaves, palo, atabales, religion, belief, fears, leisure, celebrations, politics, bourgeois, peasants, trujillo, merengue and tipico in the timeframe 1400-1960. We will raise up the details which had an impact on the evolution of the music and dance in Dominican Republic.

Bachata History Rewritten

Bachata Ambassador Re-Wrote the History of Bachata, because the "Official Bachata History" or the "Internet Bachata History" is full of confusing errors. The history was easy to correct, because most of the bachata artists are still alive and willing to tell the truth (at least from their point of view). Bachata Ambassador got invaluable help for his studies from the Dominican historian Melody.

Vesa Bachata History

Vesa has organized also the concert of Jose Manuel Calderon, who recorded the first bachata in the world.

Keep returning

We will offer you every time new ideas even groundbreaking ideas. Authentic Bachata is a huge combination of culture, habits, places and the way to dance and have fun.