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National Hero
Yoskar Sarante

Yoskar Sarante started to sing as a child in the streets of Villa Agricola Barrio of Santo Domingo to feed his parents. After endless amount of singing hours he became famous but remained honest and humble, because he wanted to follow the religious principles. Due to excessive amount of work he fell into coma and nearly died, but he survived thank's to his strong faith. First all the Dominicans cried of loosing Yoskar and after the miraculous healing Dominicans cried of happiness. Even bigger miracle was that he was able to make a new CD Parada 37. The songs Vale la Pena and Parada 37 are one of the best ever bachatas and he became a living legend and national hero. He has always been one of the best Dominican bachata stars and now he is surprising all of us with his new song Es Mejor Decir Adiós - INCREDIBLE SONG, WHICH WILL CERTAINLY BE EVERGREEN MEGAHIT.

Don't forget to listen or buy Vale la Pena

Yoskar Parada37

Yoskar Sarante in YouTube

Espero Por Tu Amor (Nuevo 2015)

Yoskar Sarante y su bachata en De Extremo a Extremo

Es Mejor Decir Adiós

Me Descuidé

Amor Cibernético


El Cigarrillo

La Insulina


Le Pregunto al Amor

Vale La Pena

Parada 37

En camas separadas